Ji-Ping Lin: Taiwan

Ji-Ping Lin

BIOGRAPHY: Ji-Ping Lin received B.Sc. in Geography from National Taiwan University (Taiwan) in 1988, M.Sc. in Statistics from National Central University (Taiwan) in 1990, and Ph.D. in geography in 1998 from McMaster University (Canada). He is associate research fellow of Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Main research specialty and interests include (1) migration, population, & labor studies, (2) statistical computing & numerical computing for mathematical optimization, (3) methods for survey research, and (4) data science/geographic information science.

PRESENTATION TITLE: TIPD: Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Open Research Data

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: My presentation is based on a four-year Joint Research Agreement between Academia Sinica and Council of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples. It aims to demonstrate how data science, i.e., integration of hacking skills, advanced math/statistics knowledge & skills, and domain knowledge expertise, is applied to construct Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Open Research Data (TIPD, see https://osf.io/e4rvz/) based on closed administrative data. It reports and share the progress and efforts of Taiwan academicians who contribute to construct open data for contemporary Taiwan indigenous peoples through the process of integrating and enriching the closed micro data sets, including (1) To introduce how TIPD open data are constructed from data integration and enrichment processes of close micro data sets; (2) To demonstrate the role of data science technology, geocoding method, statistical record linkage, high-performance computers (HPC) in constructing TIPD open data; (3) To introduce manipulation of digital infrastructure during data processing, including in-memory computing that comprise three kernel skills of manipulating digital hardware: (a) overclocking CPUs, (b) widening I/O bus bandwidth, and (c) accelerating internal memory I/O bus; and hacking skills (e.g. to process source data, the need to write Delphi (object Pascal) programming language to manipulate high performance computer).